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A light SUSY dark matter after CDMS-II, LUX and LHC Higgs data


In SUSY, a light dark matter is usually accompanied by light scalars to achieve the correct relic density, which opens new decay channels of the SM-like Higgs boson. Under current experimental constraints including the latest LHC Higgs data and the dark matter relic density, we examine the status of a light neutralino dark matter in the framework of NMSSM and confront it with the direct detection results of CoGeNT, CDMS-II and LUX. We have the following observations: (i) A dark matter as light as 8 GeV is still allowed and its scattering cross section off the nucleon can be large enough to explain the CoGeNT/CDMS-II favored region; (ii) The LUX data can exclude a sizable part of the allowed parameter space, but still leaves a light dark matter viable; (iii) The SM-like Higgs boson can decay into the light dark matter pair with an invisible branching ratio reaching 30% under the current LHC Higgs data, which may be tested at the 14 TeV LHC experiment.
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Recommended references: Cao, Junjie,Han, Chengcheng,Wu, Lei,Wu, Peiwen,Yang, Jin Min.(2016).A light SUSY dark matter after CDMS-II, LUX and LHC Higgs data.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01149] (Click&Copy)
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