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Entanglement entropy in holographic p-wave superconductor/insulator model


We continue our study of entanglement entropy in the holographic superconducting phase transitions. In this paper we consider the holographic p-wave superconductor/insulator model, where as the back reaction increases, the transition is changed from second order to first order. We find that unlike the s-wave case, there is no additional first order transition in the superconducting phase. We calculate the entanglement entropy for two strip geometries. One is parallel to the super current, and the other is orthogonal to the super current. In both cases, we find that the entanglement entropy monotonically increases with respect to the chemical potential.
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Recommended references: Cai, Rong-Gen,Li, Li,Li, Li-Fang,Su, Ru-Keng,.(2016).Entanglement entropy in holographic p-wave superconductor/insulator model.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01166] (Click&Copy)
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