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Probing natural SUSY from stop pair production at the LHC


We consider the natural supersymmetry scenario in the framework of the R-parity conserving minimal supersymmetric standard model (called natural MSSM) and examine the observability of stop pair production at the LHC. We first scan the parameters of this scenario under various experimental constraints, including the SM-like Higgs boson mass, the indirect limits from precision electroweak data and B-decays. Then in the allowed parameter space we study the stop pair production at the LHC followed by the stop decay into a top quark plus a lightest neutralino or into a bottom quark plus a chargino. From detailed Monte Carlo simulations of the signals and backgrounds, we find the two decay modes are complementary to each other in probing the stop pair production, and the LHC with root s = 14 TeV and 100 fb(-1) luminosity is capable of discovering the stop predicted in natural MSSM up to 450 GeV. If no excess events were observed at the LHC, the 95% C.L. exclusion limits of the stop masses can reach around 537 GeV.
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Recommended references: Cao, Junjie,Han, Chengcheng,Wu, Lei,Yang, Jin Min,Zhang, Yang.(2016).Probing natural SUSY from stop pair production at the LHC.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01709] (Click&Copy)
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