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Insulin-InsR signaling drives multipotent progenitor differentiation toward lymphoid lineages


The lineage commitment of HSCs generates balanced myeloid and lymphoid populations in hematopoiesis. However, the underlying mechanisms that control this process remain largely unknown. Here, we show that insulin-insulin receptor (InsR) signaling is required for lineage commitment of multipotent progenitors (MPPs). Deletion of Insr in murine bone marrow causes skewed differentiation of MPPs to myeloid cells. mTOR acts as a downstream effector that modulates MPP differentiation. mTOR activates Stat3 by phosphorylation at serine 727 under insulin stimulation, which binds to the promoter of Ikaros, leading to its transcription priming. Our findings reveal that the insulin-InsR signaling drives MPP differentiation into lymphoid lineages in early lymphopoiesis, which is essential for maintaining a balanced immune system for an individual organism.
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Recommended references: Xia, Pengyan,Wang, Shuo,Du, Ying,Huang, Guanling,Fan, Zusen,Huang, Guanling,Satoh, Takashi,Akira, Shizuo.(2016).Insulin-InsR signaling drives multipotent progenitor differentiation toward lymphoid lineages.JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE.[ChinaXiv:201605.01739] (Click&Copy)
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