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Probing new physics from top quark FCNC process at LHC: A mini review


Since the top quark FCNC processes are extremely supressed in the Standard Model (SM) but could be greatly enhanced in some new physics models, they could serve as a smoking gun for new physics hunting at the LHC. In this brief review we summarize the new physics predictions for various top quark FCNC processes at the LHC by focusing on two typical models: the minimal supersymmetric model (MSSM) and the topcolor-assisted technicol or (TC2) model. The conclusion is: (1) Both new physics models can greatly enhance the SM predictions by several orders; (2) The TC2 model allows for largest enhancement, and for each channel the maximal prediction is much larger than in the MSSM; (3) Compared with the 3 sigma sensitivity at the LHC, only a couple of channels are accessible for the MSSM while most channles are accesible for the TC2 model.
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Recommended references: Yang, Jin Min.(2016).Probing new physics from top quark FCNC process at LHC: A mini review.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A.[ChinaXiv:201605.01772] (Click&Copy)
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