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Lightest Higgs boson mass in split supersymmetry with the seesaw mechanism


In the minimal supersymmetric standard model extended by including right-handed neutrinos with seesaw mechanism, the neutrino Yukaka couplings can be as large as the top-quark Yukawa couplings and thus the neutrino/sneutrino may cause sizable effects in Higgs boson self-energy loops. Our explicit one-loop calculations show that the neutrino/sneutrino effects may have an opposite sign to top/stop effects and thus lighten the lightest Higgs boson. If the soft-breaking mass of the right-handed neutrino is very large (at the order of Majorana mass scale), such as in the split-supersymmetry (SUSY) scenario, the effects can lower the lightest Higgs boson mass by a few tens of GeV. So the Higgs mass bound of about 150 GeV in split-SUSY may be lowered significantly if right-handed neutrinos come into play with seesaw mechanism.
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Recommended references: Cao, JJ,Yang, JM.(2016).Lightest Higgs boson mass in split supersymmetry with the seesaw mechanism.PHYSICAL REVIEW D.[ChinaXiv:201605.01773] (Click&Copy)
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