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BMP2-SMAD Signaling Represses the Proliferation of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells through YAP


Previous studies have shown that the Hippo pathway effector yes-associated protein (YAP) plays an important role in maintaining stem cell proliferation. However, the precise molecular mechanism of YAP in regulating murine embryonic neural stem cells (NSCs) remains largely unknown. Here, we show that bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP2) treatment inhibited the proliferation of mouse embryonic NSCs, that YAP was critical for mouse NSC proliferation, and that BMP2 treatment-induced inhibition of mouse NSC proliferation was abrogated by YAP knockdown, indicating that the YAP protein mediates the inhibitory effect of BMP2 signaling. Additionally, we found that BMP2 treatment reduced YAP nuclear translocation, YAP-TEAD interaction, and YAP-mediated transactivation. BMP2 treatment inhibited YAP/TEAD-mediated Cyclin D1 (ccnd1) expression, and knockdown of ccnd1 abrogated the BMP2-mediated inhibition of mouse NSC proliferation. Mechanistically, we found that Smad1/4, effectors of BMP2 signaling, competed with YAP for the interaction with TAED1 and inhibited YAP's cotranscriptional activity. Our data reveal mechanistic cross talk between BMP2 signaling and the Hippo-YAP pathway in murine NSC proliferation, which may be exploited as a therapeutic target in neurodegenerative diseases and aging.
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Recommended references: Yao, Minghui,Wang, Yadong,Zhang, Peng,Chen, Hong,Yuan, Zengqiang,Yao, Minghui,Xu, Zhiheng,Jiao, Jianwei,Wang, Yadong.(2016).BMP2-SMAD Signaling Represses the Proliferation of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells through YAP.JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE.[ChinaXiv:201605.01809] (Click&Copy)
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