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Two component dark matter with multi-Higgs portals


With the assistance of two extra groups, i.e., an extra hidden gauge group SU(2)(D) and a global U(1) group, we propose a two component dark matter (DM) model. After the symmetry SU(2)(D) x U(1) being broken, we obtain both the vector and scalar DM candidates. The two DM candidates communicate with the standard model (SM) via three Higgs as multi-Higgs portals. The three Higgs are mixing states of the SM Higgs, the Higgs of the hidden sector and real part of a supplement complex scalar singlet. We study relic density and direct detection of DM in three scenarios. The resonance behaviors and interplay between the two component DM candidates are represented through investigating of the relic density in the parameter spaces of the two DMs masses. The electroweak precision parameters constrains the two Higgs portals couplings (lambda(m) and delta(2)). The relevant vacuum stability and naturalness problem in the parameter space of lambda(m) and delta(2) are studied as well. The model could alleviate these two problems in some parameter spaces under the constraints of electroweak precision observables and Higgs indirect search.
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Recommended references: Bian, Ligong,Li, Tianjun,Shu, Jing,Wang, Xiao-Chuan.(2016).Two component dark matter with multi-Higgs portals.JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS.[ChinaXiv:201606.00327] (Click&Copy)
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