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New insights in the electroweak phase transition in the NMSSM


We perform a detailed semianalytical analysis of the electroweak phase transition (EWPT) property in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric standard model, which serves as a good benchmark model in which the 126 GeV Higgs mixes with a singlet. In this case, a strongly first-order electroweak phase transition (SFOEWPT) is achieved by the tree-level effects, and the phase transition strength gamma(c) is determined by the vacua energy gap at T = 0. We make an anatomy of the energy gap at both tree level and loop level and extract out a dimensionless phase transition parameter R-kappa equivalent to 4 kappa v(s)/A(kappa), which can replace A(kappa) in the parameterization and affect the light CP-odd/even Higgs spectra. We find that SFOEWPT only occurs in R-kappa similar to -1 and positive R-kappa less than or similar to O(10), which in the non-PQ limit case would prefer either a relatively light CP-odd or CP-even Higgs boson similar to(60, 100) GeV, and therefore serves as a smoking gun signal and requires new search strategies at the LHC.
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Recommended references: Huang, Weicong,Kang, Zhaofeng,Shu, Jing,Wu, Peiwen,Yang, Jin Min.(2016).New insights in the electroweak phase transition in the NMSSM.PHYSICAL REVIEW D.[ChinaXiv:201606.00328] (Click&Copy)
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