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Decipher the short-distance component of $X(3872)$ in $B_c$ decays


A foremost task in understanding the nature of the?X(3872)?involves the discrimination of the two-quark and multiquark configurations. In this work, we propose a method to probe the short-distance component of the?X(3872)?by measuring the ratio between the?Bc?semileptonic and nonleptonic decays into the?X(3872). We demonstrate that if the?X(3872)?production mechanism is through the?c?c?component, the ratios would be universal and could be reliably predicted in theory. Measurements of these ratios at LHC and the next-generation electron-positron colliders are capable of validating/invalidating this production mechanism and providing deeper insights into the nature of the?X(3872).
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Keywords: short-distance ; X(3872);
Recommended references: Wei Wang,Qiang Zhao.(2016).Decipher the short-distance component of $X(3872)$ in $B_c$ decays.[ChinaXiv:201609.01052] (Click&Copy)
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