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Higgs-pair Production and Decay in Simplest Little Higgs Model

Submit Time: 2016-12-28
Author: Han,X 1 ; Wang,L 1 ; Yang,JM 1 ;
Institute: 1.Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.;


In the framework of the simplest little Higgs model (SLHM), we study the production of a pair of neutral CP-even Higgs bosons at the LHC. First, we examine the production rate and find that it can be significantly larger than the SM prediction. Then we in
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Recommended references: Han,X,Wang,L,Yang,JM.(2016).Higgs-pair Production and Decay in Simplest Little Higgs Model.[ChinaXiv:201612.00348] (Click&Copy)
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