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Top quark at the upgraded Tevatron to probe new physics

Submit Time: 2016-12-28
Author: Yang,J 1,2 ; Datta,A 1 ; Hosch,M 2 ; Li,C 3 ; Oakes,R 1 ; Whisnant,K 1 ; Young,B 1,2 ; Zhang,X 4 ;
Institute: 1.Northwestern U.; 2.Iowa State U.; 3.Peking U.; 4.Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys.;


This talk is a brief review of the recent studies on probing new physics through single top quark processes and probing exotic top quark decays at the upgraded Tevatron.
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Recommended references: Yang,J,Datta,A,Hosch,M,Li,C,Oakes,R,Whisnant,K,Young,B,Zhang,X.(2016).Top quark at the upgraded Tevatron to probe new physics.[ChinaXiv:201612.00379] (Click&Copy)
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