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Explanation of the ATLAS Z-Peaked Excess in the NMSSM

Submit Time: 2016-12-28
Author: Cao,J 1,2 ; Shang,L 1 ; Yang,JM 1 ; Zhang,Y 3 ;
Institute: 1.Henan Normal U.; 2.Xian Jiaotong U.; 3.Beijing, Inst. Theor. Phys.;


Recently the ATLAS collaboration reported a 3σ excess in the leptonic-Z + jets + EmissTTmiss_{T}^{miss} channel. This may be interpreted in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) by gluino pair production with the decay chain g~→qq??χ~0
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Recommended references: Cao,J,Shang,L,Yang,JM,Zhang,Y.(2016).Explanation of the ATLAS Z-Peaked Excess in the NMSSM.[ChinaXiv:201612.00404] (Click&Copy)
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