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Unified Phenomenological Decomposition of Radar Targets


Huynen phenomenological decomposition as the first for-malized target decomposition has not been widely accepted. Huynen’s preference for scattering symmetry and regularity restricts not only the application of this decomposition but also its unification with other target dichotomies such as the Barnes-Holm decomposition and Yang decomposition. The non-uniqueness issue then arises because we may have dif-ferent dichotomies of radar targets, but we have no idea on how to select them. Recently, a unified Huynen dichotomy was developed by Li and Zhang to extend Huynen decom-position for a full preference for symmetry and regularity, non-symmetry, irregularity, as well as their couplings. The dichotomy covers all the existing dichotomies and provides an excellent discrimination of radar targets. This paper gives a concise review of the Huynen-type target dichotomies to investigate the existing concerns influencing the application of such decompositions and the corresponding coping me-thods. We hope this review will help to promote the wide acceptation of Huynen-type target dichotomies in the future.
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Recommended references: Dong, Li,Yunhua, Zhang.(2017).Unified Phenomenological Decomposition of Radar Targets.[ChinaXiv:201701.00029] (Click&Copy)
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