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Baryon Ntibaryon Nonets

Submit Time: 2017-03-26
Author: C.Z. Yuan 1 ; X. H. Mo 1 ; P. Wang 1 ;
Institute: 1.Institute of High Energy Physics, P.O. Box 918, Beijing 100049, China;


The baryon–antibaryon SU(3) nonets are proposed as a scheme to classify the increased number of experimentally observed enhancements near the baryon antibaryon mass threshold. The scheme is similar to the Fermi–Yang–Sakata model, which was put forth about fifty years ago in explaining the mesons observed at that time. According to the present scheme, many new baryon–antibaryon bound states are predicted, and their possible productions in quarkonium decays and B decays are suggested for experimental search.
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Keywords: Baryon Ntibaryon;
Recommended references: C.Z. Yuan,X. H. Mo,P. Wang.(2017).Baryon Ntibaryon Nonets.[ChinaXiv:201703.00601] (Click&Copy)
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