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On the leptonic partial widths of the excited ψ states


The resonance parameters of the excited ψ-family resonances, namely the ψ(4040), ψ(4160), and ψ(4415), were determined by fitting the R-values measured by experiments. It is found that the previously reported leptonic partial widths of these states were merely one possible solutions among a four-fold ambiguity. By fitting the most precise experimental data on the R-values measured by the BES collaboration, this work presents all four sets of solutions. These results may affect the interpretation of the charmonium and charmonium-like states above 4 GeV/c2.
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Recommended references: X. H. Mo,C. Z. Yuan,P. Wang.(2017).On the leptonic partial widths of the excited ψ states.[ChinaXiv:201703.00616] (Click&Copy)
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