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Data taking strategy for phase study through ψ′ → K+K? decay


The study of the relative phase between strong and electromagnetic amplitudes is of great importance for understanding the dynamics of charmonium decays. The information of the phase can be obtained model-independently by fitting the scan data of some special decay channels, one of which is ψ′ → K+K?. To find out the optimal data taking strategy for a scan experiment in the phase study of ψ′ → K+K? decay, the minimization process is analyzed in detail from a theoretical point of view.
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Keywords: Data taking; K+K? decay;
Recommended references: Wang Boqun,Mo Xiaohu,Yuan Changzheng,Ban Yong.(2017).Data taking strategy for phase study through ψ′ → K+K? decay.[ChinaXiv:201703.00619] (Click&Copy)
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