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Nuclear superfluidity for antimagnetic rotation in 105Cd and 106Cd


The effects of nuclear superfluidity on antimagnetic rotation bands in 105Cd and 106Cd are in- vestigated by the cranked shell model with the pairing correlations and the blocking effects treated by a particle-number conserving method. The experimental moments of inertia and the reduced B(E2) transition values are excellently reproduced. The nuclear superfluidity is essential to repro- duce the experimental moments of inertia. The two-shears-like mechanism for the antimagnetic rotation is investigated by examining the shears angle, i.e., the closing of the two proton hole angular momenta, and its sensitive dependence on the nuclear superfluidity is revealed.
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Recommended references: Zhen-Hua Zhang,Peng-Wei Zhao,Jie MengJin-Yan Zeng,En-Guang Zhao,Shan-Gui Zhou.(2017).Nuclear superfluidity for antimagnetic rotation in 105Cd and 106Cd.[ChinaXiv:201707.00933] (Click&Copy)
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