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Exact Solution of the Generalized Rabi Model


The generalized Rabi model is exactly solved by employing the unitary transformation method in the occupation number representation. The analytical expressions for the complete energy spectrum consisting of two sub-energy spectra are presented in the whole range of all the physical parameters. Each energy level possesses twofold degeneracy and is determined by the parameter in the unitary transformation, which obeys a highly nonlinear equation. The corresponding eigenfunction is a convergent infinite series in terms of these physical parameters. Due to the level crossings between the neighboring eigenstates at certain parameter values, such the degeneracies could lead to novel physical phenomena in these quantum systems with the light-matter interaction.
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From: Degang Zhang
Recommended references: Degang Zhang.(2018).Exact Solution of the Generalized Rabi Model.[ChinaXiv:201708.00168] (Click&Copy)
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