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Spin symmetry in the anti-nucleon spectrum


We discuss spin and pseudo-spin symmetry in the spectrum of single nucleons and single anti- nucleons in a nucleus. As an example we use relativistic mean field theory to investigate single anti-nucleon spectra. We find a very well developed spin symmetry in single anti-neutron and single anti-proton spectra. The dominant components of the wave functions of the spin doublet are almost identical. This spin symmetry in anti-particle spectra and the pseudo-spin symmetry in particle spectra have the same origin. However it turns out that the spin symmetry in anti-nucleon spectra is much better developed than the pseudo-spin symmetry in normal nuclear single particle spectra.
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Recommended references: Shan-Gui Zhou Jie Meng P. Ring.(2017).Spin symmetry in the anti-nucleon spectrum.[ChinaXiv:201708.00275] (Click&Copy)
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