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Pseudospin symmetry and its approximation in real nuclei


The origin of pseudospin symmetry and its broken in real nuclei are discussed in the relativistic mean field theory. In the exact pseudospin symmetry, even the usual intruder orbits have degenerate partners. In real nuclei, pseudospin symme- try is approximate, and the partners of the usual intruder orbits will disappear. The difference is mainly due to the pseudo spin-orbit potential and the transition between them is discussed in details. The contribution of pseudospin-orbit potential for intruder orbits is quite large, compared with that for pseudospin doublets. The disappearance of the pseu- dospin partner for the intruder orbit can be understood from the properties of its wave function.
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Recommended references: T.S. Chen,H.F. Lu,J. Meng,and S.-G. Zhou.(2017).Pseudospin symmetry and its approximation in real nuclei.[ChinaXiv:201708.00280] (Click&Copy)
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