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Off-center moments set of Vlasov-Maxwell system

Submit Time: 2017-09-03
Author: linhai 上海光机所 ;
Institute: 1.上海光机所;


We propose a more effective fluid description on Vlasov-Maxwell (V-M) system. It is via an open set of off-center moments, which obey an open set of motion equations.This new description is of more advantage to give exact macroscopic information of the V-M system than the well-known moments-description. The new description implies that obtaining exact solutions of all moments is not necessary condition of obtaining those of self-consistent fields. 我们对Vlasov-Maxwell系统提出一更有效的流体描述。该描述通过一开放的偏心矩系列。该偏心矩系列服从一开放的流体方程组。与著名的矩描述相比,该新描述更具有优势去获得准确的V-M系统的宏观信息。该新描述意味着所有矩的准确解不是自洽场准确解的必要条件。
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From: linhai
Recommended references: linhai.(2017).Off-center moments set of Vlasov-Maxwell system.[ChinaXiv:201709.00001] (Click&Copy)
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