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Reheating phase diagram for single- eld slow-roll in ationary models


We investigate the in uence on the in ationary predictions from the reheating processes char-acterized by the e-folding number Nreh and the e ective equation-of-state parameter wreh during the reheating phase. For the rst time, reheating processes can be constrained in the Nreh wreh plane from Planck 2015. We nd that for Higgs in ation with a nonminimal coupling to gravity, the predictions are insensitive to the reheating phase for current CMB measurements. We also nd that the spontaneously broken SUSY in ation and axion monodromy in ation with 2=3 potential, which with instantaneous reheating lie outside or at the edge of the 95% con dence region in the ns r plane from Planck 2015 TT,TE,EE+lowP, can well t the data with the help of reheating processes. Future CMB experiments would put strong constraints on reheating processes.
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Recommended references: Rong-Gen Cai,Zong-Kuan Guo, Shao-Jiang Wang.(2017).Reheating phase diagram for single- eld slow-roll in ationary models.[ChinaXiv:201709.00157] (Click&Copy)
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