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New materials of micromammal fossils from Longyadong Cave in Luonan Basin, Shaanxi, central China


This paper describes some micromammal fossils which were excavated from the South Longyadong Cave in the Luonan Basin, eastern Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province, central China. The fauna include 15 mammals consisting by Scapanulus oweni, Nasillus andersoni, Uropsilinae gen. et sp. indet., Soriculus sp., Ochotona cf. O. alpina, Belomys parapearsoni, Allocricetus ehiki, Proedromys bedfordi, Allophaiomys deucalion, Eospalax sp., Niviventer preconfucianus, Apodemus asianicus, Apodemus sp., Hystrix brachyura subcristata, Trogontherium cuvieri. Among them, Nasillus andersoni and Ochotona cf. O. alpina are the newly discovered fossil species. The fossil assemblage characteristics of newly micromammal faunal is similar to the North Longyadong Cave Fauna, and the geological age should not be later than early Middle Pleistocene. It might be a fauna of late Early Pleistocene. But in recent years, the thermoluminescence age of fossiliferous strata corresponding are 356.6?7.8 ka BP, 273.9?3.7 ka BP and 210.5?0.5 ka BP. The fauna is including both the south and the north animals, the animal combination obviously has the characteristics of the transition between the south and the north of China.
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Recommended references: LI Yong-Xiang,HU Song-Mei,WANG She-Jiang,ZHANG Yun-Xiang.(2017).New materials of micromammal fossils from Longyadong Cave in Luonan Basin, Shaanxi, central China.古脊椎动物学报.[ChinaXiv:201711.01909] (Click&Copy)
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