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Submit Time: 2017-11-27
Author: 张蕾 中科院强磁场中心 ;
Institute: 1.中科院强磁场中心;


The magnetism of the single crystal Cr1=3NbS2, which exhibits chiral soliton lattice (CSL) state, is investigated. The magnetization displays strong magnetic anisotropy when the field is applied perpendicularly and parallel to the c-axis in low field region (H < HS, HS is the saturation field). The critical exponents of Cr1=3NbS2 are obtained as β = 0.370(4), γ = 1.380(2), and δ = 4.853(6), which are close to the theoretical prediction of three-dimensional Heisenberg model. Based on the scaling equation and the critical exponents, the H ? T phase diagram in the vicinity of the phase transition is constructed, where two critical points are determined. One is a tricrtical point which locates at the intersection between the CSL, forced ferromagnetic (FFM), and paramagnetic (PM) states. The other one is a critical point situated at the boundaries between CSL, helimagnetic (HM), and PM states.
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From: 张蕾
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