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Submit Time: 2018-01-25
Author: 李静 1 ; 李楠 1 ; 赵玉茹 1 ; 戴轶群 1 ; 霍强 1 ; 马涛 1 ; 李红梅 1 ; 吴成柱 1 ;
Institute: 1.Faculty of Pharruacy, Ben.,r; 2.bu Medical Cnlle,r; 3.e, Bengbu 233030, China;


Objective To modify the structure of psoralidin using in vitro enzymatic glycosylation to improve its water solubilityand stability. Methods A new psoralidin glucoside (1) was obtained by enzymatic glycosylation using a UDP-glycosyltransferase. The chemical structure of compound 1 was elucidated by HR-ESI-MS and nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) analysis. The high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) peaks were integrated and sample solution concentrations were calculated. MTT assay was used to detect the cytotoxicity of the compounds against 3 cancer cell lines in vitro. Results Based on the spectroscopic data, the new psoralidin glucoside was identified as psoralidin-6',7-di-O glucopyranoside (1), whose water solubility was 32.6-fold higher than that of the substrate. Analyses of pH and temperature stability demonstrated that compound 1 was more stable than psoralidin at pH 8.8 and at high temperatures. Only psoralidin exhibited a moderate cytotoxicity against 3 human cancer cell lines. Conclusion In vitro enzymatic glycosylation is a powerful approach for structural modification and improving water solubility and stability of compounds.
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Recommended references: 李静,李楠,赵玉茹,戴轶群,霍强,马涛,李红梅,吴成柱.(2018).酶法糖基化合成一种新型补骨脂定葡萄糖苷.南方医科大学学报.[ChinaXiv:201801.00699] (Click&Copy)
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