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Sepsis prediction via the clinical data integration system in the ICU


Sepsis is an essential issue in critical care medicine, and early detection and intervention are key for survival. We established the sepsis early warning system based on a data integration platform that can be implemented in ICU. The sepsis early warning module can detect the onset of sepsis 5 hours proceeding, and the data integration platform integrates, standardizes, and stores information from different medical devices, making the inference of the early warning module possible. Our best early warning model got an AUC of 0.9833 in the task of detect sepsis in 4 hours proceeding on the open-source database. Our data integration platform has already been operational in a hospital for months.
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From: Qiyu Chen
Recommended references: Chen, Qiyu,Li, Ranran,Lin, Zhizhe,Lai, Zhiming,Xue, Peijiao,Jiang, Jingfeng,Lu, Wenlian,Li, Lei,Tang, Yaoqing.(2021).Sepsis prediction via the clinical data integration system in the ICU.[ChinaXiv:202105.00003] (Click&Copy)
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