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1. chinaXiv:201708.00250 [pdf]

Theoretical study of the synthesis of superheavy nuclei with Z = 119 and 120 in heavy-ion reactions with trans-uranium targets

Nan Wang; En-Guang Zhao; Werner Scheid; Shan-Gui Zhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

By using a newly developed di-nuclear system model with a dynamical potential energy surface— the DNS-DyPES model, hot fusion reactions for synthesizing superheavy nuclei (SHN) with the charge number Z = 112–120 are studied. The calculated evaporation residue cross sections are in good agreement with available data. In the reaction 50Ti+249Bk → 299?x119 + xn, the maximal evaporation residue (ER) cross section is found to be about 0.11 pb for the 4n-emission channel. For projectile-target combinations producing SHN with Z = 120, the ER cross section increases with the mass asymmetry in the incident channel increasing. The maximal ER cross sections for 58Fe+244Pu and 54Cr+248Cm are relatively small (less than 0.01 pb) and those for 50Ti+249Cf and 50Ti+251Cf are about 0.05 and 0.25 pb, respectively.

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