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1. chinaXiv:201705.00500 [pdf]

Influence of RE-rich phase distribution in initial alloy on anisotropy of HDDR powders

Cai, LW [Cai Ling-Wen][ 1,2 ]; Guo, S [Guo Shuai][ 1,2 ]; Ding, GF [Ding Guang-Fei][ 1,2 ]; Chen, RJ [Chen Ren-Jie][ 1,2 ]; Liu, J [Liu Jian][ 1,2 ]; Lee, D [Lee Don][ 3 ]; Yan, AR [Yan A-Ru][ 1,2 ]

The influence of the RE-rich phase distribution in the precursor alloys on the anisotropy of the hydrogenation disproportionation desorption recombination [HDDR] processed powders is investigated. The homogenized ingot alloy and the as-cast strip casting

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2. chinaXiv:201705.00385 [pdf]

Fine-grained NdFeB magnets prepared by low temperature pre-sintering and subsequent hot pressing

Ju, JY [Ju Jin-Yun][ 1,2 ]; Tang, X [Tang Xu][ 1,2 ]; Chen, RJ [Chen Ren-Jie][ 1,2 ]; Wang, JZ [Wang Jin-Zhi][ 3 ]; Yin, WZ [Yin Wen-Zong][ 1,2 ]; Don, L [Don, Lee][ 1,2 ]; Yan, AR [Yan A-Ru][ 1,2 ]

Fine-grained Nd10.79Pr2.8Al0.4B7.72Fe78.29 magnets were prepared by low temperature pre-sintering and subsequent hot pressing. The grain size of the magnets is just about 1-3 mu m because the low sintering temperature results in no grain growth. The orien

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3. chinaXiv:201605.01150 [pdf]

Full one-loop electroweak corrections to e(+)e(-) -> ZH gamma at a Higgs factory

Liu, Ning; Ren, Jie; Wu, Lei; Wu, Peiwen; Yang, Jin Min
Subjects: Physics >> The Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields

Motivated by the future precision test of the Higgs boson at an e(+)e(-) Higgs factory, we calculate the production e(+)e(-) -> ZH gamma in the Standard Model with complete next-to-leading order electroweak corrections. We find that for p s root s = 240 (350) GeV the cross section of this production is sizably reduced by the electroweak corrections, which is 1.03 (5.32) fb at leading order and 0.72 (4.79) fb at next-to-leading order. The transverse momentum distribution of the photon in the final states is also presented.

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