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1. chinaXiv:201708.00272 [pdf]

New effective interactions in RMF theory with non-linear terms and density-dependent meson-nucleon coupling

WenhuiLong; JieMeng; NguyenVanGiai; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

New parameter sets for the Lagrangian density in the relativistic mean field (RMF) theory, PK1 with nonlinear σ- and ω-meson self-coupling, PK1R with nonlinear σ-, ω- and ρ-meson self-coupling and PKDD with the density-dependent meson-nucleon coupling, are proposed. They are able to provide an excellent description not only for the properties of nuclear matter but also for the nuclei in and far from the valley of beta-stability. For the first time in the parametrization of the RMF Lagrangian density, the center-of-mass correction is treated by a microscopic way, which is essential to unify the description of nuclei from light to heavy regions with one effective interaction.

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2. chinaXiv:201708.00259 [pdf]

Neutron halo in deformed nuclei

Shan-GuiZhou; JieMeng; P.Ring; En-GuangZhao
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

Halo phenomena in deformed nuclei are investigated within a deformed relativistic Hartree Bo- goliubov (DRHB) theory. These weakly bound quantum systems present interesting examples for the study of the interdependence between the deformation of the core and the particles in the halo. Contributions of the halo, deformation effects, and large spatial extensions of these systems are described in a fully self-consistent way by the DRHB equations in a spherical Woods-Saxon basis with the proper asymptotic behavior at large distance from the nuclear center. Magnesium and neon isotopes are studied and detailed results are presented for the deformed neutron-rich and weakly bound nucleus 44Mg. The core of this nucleus is prolate, but the halo has a slightly oblate shape. This indicates a decoupling of the halo orbitals from the deformation of the core. The generic conditions for the occurence of this decoupling effects are discussed.

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3. chinaXiv:201708.00252 [pdf]

Deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov theory in continuum

LuluLi; JieMeng; P.Ring; En-GuangZhao; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

A deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov (RHB) theory in continuum is developed aiming at a proper description of exotic nuclei, particularly those with a large spatial extension. In order to give an adequate consideration of both the contribution of the continuum and the large spatial distribution in exotic nuclei, the deformed RHB equations are solved in a Woods-Saxon (WS) basis in which the radial wave functions have a proper asymptotic behavior at large distance from the nuclear center. This is crucial for the proper description of a possible halo. The formalism of deformed RHB theory in continuum is presented. A stable nucleus, 20Mg and a weakly-bound nucleus, 42Mg, are taken as examples to present numerical details and to carry out necessary numerical checks. In addition, the ground state properties of even-even magnesium isotopes are investigated. The generic conditions of the formation of a halo in weakly bound deformed systems and the shape of the halo in deformed nuclei are discussed. We show that the existence and the deformation of a possible neutron halo depend essentially on the quantum numbers of the main components of the single particle orbitals in the vicinity of the Fermi surface.

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4. chinaXiv:201707.00935 [pdf]

Rotational properties of the superheavy nucleus 256Rf and its neighboring even-even nuclei in particle-number conserving cranked shell model

Zhen-HuaZhang; JieMeng; En-GuangZhao; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

The ground state band was recently observed in the superheavy nucleus 256Rf. We study the rotational properties of 256Rf and its neighboring even-even nuclei by using a cranked shell model (CSM) with the pairing correlations treated by a particle-number conserving (PNC) method in which the blocking effects are taken into account exactly. The kinematic and dynamic moments of inertia of the ground state bands in these nuclei are well reproduced by the theory. The spin of the lowest observed state in 256Rf is determined by comparing the experimental kinematic moments of inertia with the PNC-CSM calculations and agrees with previous spin assignment. The effects of the high order deformation ε6 on the angular momentum alignments and dynamic moments of inertia in these nuclei are discussed.

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5. chinaXiv:201707.00929 [pdf]

Theoretical study of the two-proton halo candidate 17Ne including contributions from resonant continuum and pairing correlations

Shi-ShengZhang; En-GuangZhao; Shan-GuiZhou
Subjects: Physics >> Nuclear Physics

With the relativistic Coulomb wave function boundary condition, the energies, widths and wave functions of the single proton resonant orbitals for 17Ne are studied by the analytical continuation of the coupling constant (ACCC) approach within the framework of the relativistic mean field (RMF) theory. Pairing correlations and contributions from the single-particle resonant orbitals in the continuum are taken into consideration by the resonant Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) approach, in which constant pairing strength is used. It can be seen that the fully self-consistent calculations with NL3 and NLSH effective interactions mostly agree with the latest experimental measurements, such as binding energies, matter radii, charge radii and densities. The energy of π2s1/2 orbital is slightly higher than that of π1d5/2 orbital, and the occupation probability of the (π2s1/2)2 orbital is about 20%, which are in accordance with the shell model calculation and three-body model estimation.

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