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1. chinaXiv:201605.00849 [pdf]

The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope Quasar Survey: Quasar Properties From The First Data Release

YanLi Ai
Subjects: Astronomy >> Astrophysics

We present preliminary results of the quasar survey in the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber SpectroscopicTelescope (LAMOST) first data release (DR1), which includes the pilot survey and the first year of the regularsurvey. There are 3921 quasars reliably identified, among which 1180 are new quasars discovered in the survey.These quasars are at low to median redshifts, with a highest z of 4.83. We compile emission line measurementsaround the Hα, Hβ, Mg II, and C IV regions for the new quasars. The continuum luminosities are inferred fromSDSS photometric data with model fitting, as the spectra in DR1 are non-flux-calibrated. We also compile the virialblack hole mass estimates, with flags indicating the selection methods, and broad absorption line quasars. Thecatalog and spectra for these quasars are also available. Of the 3921 quasars, 28% are independently selected withop

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