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1. chinaXiv:201903.00220 [pdf]

A method on selecting reliable samples based on fuzziness in positive and unlabeled learning.pdf

TingTing Li; WeiYa Fan; YunSong Luo
Subjects: Computer Science >> Other Disciplines of Computer Science

Traditional semi-supervised learning uses only labeled instances to train a classifier and then this classifier is utilized to classify unlabeled instances, while sometimes there are only positive instances which are elements of the target concept are available in the labeled set. Our research in this paper the design of learning algorithms from positive and unlabeled instances only. Among all the semi-supervised positive and unlabeled learning methods, it is a fundamental step to extract useful information from unlabeled instances. In this paper, we design a novel framework to take advantage of valid information in unlabeled instances. In essence, this framework mainly includes that (1) selects reliable negative instances through the fuzziness of the instances; (2) chooses new positive instances based on the fuzziness of the instances to expand the initial positive set, and we named these new instances as reliable positive instances; (3) uses data editing technique to filter out noise points with high fuzziness. The effectiveness of the presented algorithm is verified by comparative experiments on UCI dataset.

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