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1. chinaXiv:201606.00061 [pdf]

A discussion of the emotive element of knowledge service practice: An empirical study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Li-Ping Ku
Subjects: Library Science,Information Science >> Library Science

With the arrival of the information age, research activities focused on the practice and approaches of knowledge services are on a marked increase as evidenced in the publications of social sciences. According to a social network analysis on knowledge service related literature, it reveals that information and knowledge workers often fail to take such an important element as the functional role of an emotive engagement into consideration in their study of knowledge services. It has increasingly become an issue of high profile with the rapid development of digital libraries and their web-based knowledge services in China and anywhere else in the world. In order to have a clearer understanding about issues involved in knowledge servicing so as to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of digital libraries in their knowledge service performance, the author has conducted surveys for seven times on the online information seeking behavior of graduate students at the Chinese Academy of Sciences with such research methods as questionnaires, interviews and natural observations during September 2006-June 2009. The research result has showed the emotive element has an important role in the user’s information seeking behavior and in knowledge services practice. Therefore, knowledge services rendered may be more effective by adding the emotiveness-oriented communication element into such practice. This paper recommends that such an emotiveness-oriented communication approach should be carefully studied and factored into libraries’ knowledge services practice.

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