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1. chinaXiv:201903.00068 [pdf]


梁娜; 鲍晓华
Subjects: Dynamic and Electric Engineering >> Electrical Engineering

改变槽形结构作为一种简单易实施的方法被广泛地应用在电机的各项性能 优化中。本文探讨了一种以降低电机附加损耗为目的的转子槽形的优化设计,首先分 析了转子槽各个尺寸与附加损耗间的变化关系,并对其进行函数拟合得到对应于附加 损耗最小值的一组尺寸,再根据电机设计的其他要求对尺寸变量进行迭代调整得到最 佳的槽形参数。该研究可以为电机的优化设计提供参考思路。

submitted time 2019-03-05 From cooperative journals:《电气工程学报》 Hits954Downloads546 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201604.00019 [pdf]

The Implementation of Router Service Engine iSwitch for Open Access Papers

张晓林; 钱力; 师洪波; 梁娜
Subjects: Library Science,Information Science >> Library Science

Open Access academic paper has become important measures of the world's leading countries which promote knowledge sharing, collaborative open innovation, economic growth and inclusive development. Moreover, Open Sharing of academic papers founded by public funding projects has become the consensus of the world’s leading countries, and an important requirement is to deposit those papers in the open access IRs which are attribute to funder and authors’ institute. But the situation of institutional repository in China is serious, such as poorer deposit awareness, incomplete or incorrect submitted data and so on. It affects the development and perfection of China Open Access and open sharing mechanism. Though RJ-Broker can assist and promote to solve problems above, it is mainly related to European PMC data and located abroad. In order to better solve those problems, National Science Library of CAS, as a leader institute of this study in China, with hundreds of Research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences as demonstration, and reference to the OA-RJ model, constructed a pushing and routing services of Chinese academic papers, namely iSwitch, implementing automatic deposit. It can help institutes and funders to construct their IRs effectively and promote academic papers utilization by others openly. After iSwitch service is released publicly, it has routed more than 360,000 paper metadata pushed by Web of Science and some experimental Open Access paper data from other publishers to CAS IRs. Now it is a stable service to exchange WOS update data and other publisher data. Besides, with the help of iSwitch, Web of Science has linked full-text link of CAS IR papers since 27, July, 2015.

submitted time 2016-04-12 Hits3680Downloads862 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201601.00062 [pdf]


钱力; 师洪波; 张晓林; 梁娜
Subjects: Library Science,Information Science >> Library Science

[目标]现将接收与解析成功的开放获取论文分发推送到作者机构和资助机构知识库。[方法] 析 iSwitch 系统技术框架,设计论文分发推送服务功能模块,利用任务调度代理与FTP 协议实现论文的分发推送。[结果] iSwitch 系统可以实现论文分发推送服务,并完成来自 Web of Science 的 34 332 条文章数据的分发推送。[局限] 目前仅仅基于一种数据源完成论文分发推送,对基于多个数据推送方的更大体量数据的分发推送服务中可能遇到的问题考虑不够。[结论] 实验表明,分发推送服务的工作流程机制是正确的,分发效率满足未来服务需求。

submitted time 2016-01-27 Hits8639Downloads2152 Comment 0

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