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1. chinaXiv:201612.00412 [pdf]

New approach for detecting a compressed bino/wino at the LHC

Han,C; Wu,L; Yang,JM; Zhang,M; Zhang,Y

In some supersymmetric models like split supersymmetry or models with non-universal gaugino mass, bino (LSP) and winos (NLSP) may have rather small mass splitting in order to provide the correct dark matter relic density through bino/wino co-annihilation. Such a scenario with the compressed bino/wino is difficult to explore at the LHC. In this work we propose to probe this scenario from pp → jχ ?02χ ?±1 followed by χ ?02 → γχ ?01 and χ ?±1 → W?χ ?01 → l±νχ ?01 (this method is also applicable to the compressed bino/higgsino scenario). Through a detailed Monte Carlo simulation for both the signal and the backgrounds, we find that for a mass splitting ?M ? 5 ? 15 GeV between bino (LSP) and wino (NLSP), the 14 TeV LHC with luminosity of 500fb?1 can probe the wino up to 150 GeV (the sensitivity can reach 5σ for ?M = 5 GeV and 2σ for ?M = 15 GeV). We also investigate the dark matter detection sensitivities for this scenario and find that the planned XENON-1T(2017) cannot fully cover the parameter space with wino below 150 GeV allowed by relic density and the LUX limits.

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2. chinaXiv:201612.00411 [pdf]

SUSY effects in Higgs productions at high energy e+e?e+e?e^+e^- colliders

Cao,J; Han,C; Ren,J; Wu,L; Yang,JM; Zhang,Y

Considering the constraints from collider experiments and dark matter detection, we investigate the SUSY effects in the Higgs production channels e(+) e(?) → Zh at an e(+) e(?) collider with a center-of-mass energy above 240 GeV and γγ → h → bb? at a phot

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