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Split two-Higgs-doublet model and neutrino condensation


We split the two-Higgs-doublet model by assuming very different vevs for the two doublets: the vev is at weak scale (174 GeV) for the doublet Phi(1) and at neutrino-mass scale (10(-2) - 10(-3) eV) for the doublet Phi(2). Phi(1) is responsible for giving masses to all fermions except neutrinos; while Phi(2) is responsible for giving neutrino masses through its tiny vev without introducing the see-saw mechanism. Among the predicted five physical scalars H, h, A(0) and H-+/-, the CP-even scalar h is as light as 10(-2) - 10(-3) eV while the others are at weak scale. We identify h as the cosmic-dark-energy field and the other CP-even scalar H as the Standard Model Higgs boson; while the CP-odd A(0) and the charged H-+/- are the exotic scalars to be discovered at future colliders. Also we demonstrate a possible dynamical origin for the doublet Phi(2) from neutrino condensation caused by some unknown dynamics.
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Recommended references: Wang, F.,Wang, W.,Yang, J. M..(2016).Split two-Higgs-doublet model and neutrino condensation.EUROPHYSICS LETTERS.[ChinaXiv:201605.01777] (Click&Copy)
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