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Interpretation of the Galactic Center excess and electroweak phase transition in the NMSSM


The gamma-ray excess observed by the Fermi-LAT in the Galactic Center can be interpreted by the dark matter annihilation to b (b) over bar via a light pseudoscalar in the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard model (NMSSM). It is interesting to note that the corresponding singlet scalar is useful to achieve a strongly first-order phase transition required by the electroweak baryogenesis. In this paper, we investigate the possibility that the NMSSM model can simultaneously accommodate these two issues. The phase transition strength can be characterized by the vacua energy gap at zero temperature and be sufficiently enhanced by the tree-level effect in the NMSSM. We find that the annihilation of singlino/Higgsino dark matter (DM) particles occurring close to the light pseudoscalar resonance is favored by the Galactic Center excess and the observed DM relic density, and some resulting regions in the parameter space with a small kappa/lambda. and a negative A. can simultaneously account for a successful strongly first-order electroweak phase transition.
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Recommended references: Bi, Xiao-Jun,Bian, Ligong,Huang, Weicong,Shu, Jing,Yin, Peng-Fei.(2016).Interpretation of the Galactic Center excess and electroweak phase transition in the NMSSM.PHYSICAL REVIEW D.[ChinaXiv:201606.00312] (Click&Copy)
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