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Impact of a CP-Violating Higgs Sector: From LHC to Baryogenesis


We observe a generic connection between LHC Higgs data and electroweak baryogenesis: the particle that contributes to the CP-odd hgg or h gamma gamma vertex would provide the CP-violating source during a first-order phase transition. It is illustrated in the two Higgs doublet model that a common complex phase controls the lightest Higgs properties at the LHC, electric dipole moments, and the CP-violating source for electroweak baryogenesis. We perform a general parametrization of Higgs effective couplings and a global fit to the LHC Higgs data. Current LHC measurements prefer a nonzero phase for tan beta less than or similar to 1 and electric dipole moment constraints still allow an order-one phase for tan beta similar to 1, which gives sufficient room to generate the correct cosmic baryon asymmetry. We also give some prospects in the direct measurements of CP violation in the Higgs sector at the LHC.
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Recommended references: Shu, Jing,Zhang, Yue.(2016).Impact of a CP-Violating Higgs Sector: From LHC to Baryogenesis.PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS.[ChinaXiv:201606.00336] (Click&Copy)
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