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Measurement of the branching fraction for $\psi(3770) \to \gamma \chi_c0$

Submit Time: 2016-09-12
Author: Ablikim, M. and others 1 ;
Institute: 1.BESIII Collaboration;


By analyzing a data set of 2.92 fb?1?of?e+e??collision data taken at?s√=3.773?GeV?and 106.41×106?ψ(3686)?decays taken at?s√=3.686?GeV?with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider, we measure the branching fraction and the partial decay width for?ψ(3770)→γχc0?to be?B(ψ(3770)→γχc0)=(6.88±0.28±0.67)×10?3?and?Γ[ψ(3770)→γχc0]=(187±8±19)?keV, respectively. These are the most precise measurements to date.
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Keywords: BESIII; ;
Recommended references: Ablikim, M. and others.(2016).Measurement of the branching fraction for $\psi(3770) \to \gamma \chi_c0$.[ChinaXiv:201609.00786] (Click&Copy)
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